Storm-Damaged Trees

The 3½ year tree trimming cycle eliminates the majority of calm weather tree-related power outages. However, when unpredictable storms with high winds and heavy rain hit, many normally stable trees may break or uproot. NOVEC utilizes contracted tree service crews during tree-related storm outages.

Whenever a tree falls on its own and contacts an overhead utility line, the line may break or the tree may be caught up in the line. During this situation, crews will only cut trees and branches free of lines to allow the line and power to be restored safely. Disposal of debris created from this activity is the responsibility of the affected property owner.

NEVER attempt to remove a tree lying on or entangled in overhead power lines. Assume all lines are energized and can cause shock or death by electrocution.

For more information, contact NOVEC at 703-335-0500.

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